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Country Sounds and Loops

Country Sounds and Loops

Country Slice is the industry’s highest quality, royalty-free country sound library. Sign up and get instant access to full-length scratch recordings, loops, and sounds made by top sound designers.

All of our sounds are pre-cleared

When a sound is pre-cleared, it means you have permission to use it in your own songs and you will not have to pay royalties when you sell your music.

How It Works

Making music with Country Slice is easy

Browse through our Sound Library and select a sound file
Download the sound file (raw + processed audio WAV files included)
Drag the downloaded WAV file into your DAW for further editing and mixing

Sound Examples

What creators are saying about Country Slice

I love the acoustic guitar riffs. They are some of the most useful country guitar riffs I’ve come across and the quality of the recordings is top of the line. This is such an amazing tool for music producers.
Josh Simon
I’m mostly a rhythm guitar player and I play to accompany my singing. Country Slice has taken all of my song recordings to the next level. There are so many awesome fills to choose from.
Emily Stephens
So much inspiration for producing new music. A lot of times I’ll start a song with one of the rhythm guitar loops and build things off of that. All the sounds I’ve downloaded have been very high quality.
Aytan Leibowitz

How to submit your own sounds

Are you a sound designer looking to sell your sounds on Country Slice? You can submit them directly to us and earn royalties when your sound files are downloaded from the Sound Library. Royalties are calculated and distributed on a quarterly basis.